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Medical Cannabis in Canada – Why is Gender Important?

Ever since medical cannabis became legal in Canada, Canadian cannabis growers and dealers looked for better ways of growing the best quality cannabis for the lowest production costs. Mother Nature, miraculously, has led them on a path that paves the way to being better at cannabis growing and production. In the world of marijuana plants, the differences between varieties such as Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, Ruderalis and wild are not the only visible distinctions that we can find. The gender of marijuana seeds – whether they are male or female to be specific, is significant too. The gender difference is hardly noticed by most sellers who distribute ganja online or manually inside Canada. As the femininity or masculinity of cannabis seeds is indistinguishable at a glance, many dismiss it as unimportant. However, as a Canadian dispensary online which pays attention to every aspect of cannabis that has the power to make it better, we can think of several reasons why promoting female marijuana seeds can be beneficial to both your health and pocket. For all you who do not know what feminization of cannabis seeds means, this blog would be an eye-opener.

Why are Female Plants Better?

Just like in the human world, not all marijuana seeds are equal. It is because of the better quality of female marijuana seeds that every cannabis grower seeks to grow them instead of male seeds. Why female cannabis plants are better is because they have a higher saturation of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) than male plants. Plants with higher levels of THC are better, for it is the main active ingredient in the cannabis plant that helps proper maintenance of a healthy immune system. Female cannabis species are easier to grow, faster to flower and quicker to reap harvest. Increasing the female plant population would be helpful in two ways.

For one thing, it would provide better weed with a higher concentration of THC for the customer. Secondly, it would be easy for cannabis producers to cut off the production cost and reap a better harvest of premium quality cannabis. Because of the lesser THC quantities a male plant has, a female marijuana plant always takes dominance over a male plant. This does not happen naturally, which is why a good cannabis producer always tries to feminize his/her cannabis crops. The primary method used for cannabis feminization is manipulating the pollination process in order to grow female plants instead of male.

How we Feminize Marijuana Seeds

Corporate cannabis growers have several different methods of feminizing marijuana plants. The process of feminization should be done carefully because there is no guarantee that you would get positive results if the methods are not followed correctly. The plants should be recreated to give two X chromosomes instead of Y. A quality cannabis producer mainly uses three ways to feminize their marijuana growth.

The Silver Thiosulfate Method

STS (Silver Thiosulfate solution) is probably the most popular way of growing feminized cannabis seeds. Both large scale and small scale marijuana growers use this method to feminize their seeds. As the method is chemical and has a higher rate of being successful, STS is cost-effective and straightforward to try. Silver nitrate and sodium thiosulfate are mixed in to make a solution that activates the female chromosomes in cannabis plants. This solution of silver nitrate and sodium thiosulfate results in a hormonal manipulation of the cannabis plant that causes a gender transition. This is a straightforward method to follow, but it is always wise to choose a professional cannabis grower who has experience in STS than trying it on your own. The plant should be taken separately from the bunch. But once it is sprayed with the STS solution, the cannabis grower has to make sure that the plants go back to where it was near the other marijuana plants in the bunch.

The Colloidal Silver Method

This is a pollination method that mainly involves the use of distilled water. The colloidal silver method can only be used if the plants are flowering because the solution should strictly be sprayed with a spray bottle direct to the marijuana plants. The female genetics in the pollen sacs would be extracted by the colloidal silver solution, therefore resulting in an outcome of female marijuana plants.

The Rodelization Method

The rodelization method calls are the basic manipulation of female marijuana plants at times; they are stressed. What happens during rodelization is that the female plant uses natural methods to preserve its existence. When a female plant is stressed and is about to end its lifetime, nature induces natural pollination techniques to it be helping it create its own sacs of pollen. People use this unique ability of female marijuana plants to preserve their own lifecycle in growing more female plants than male plants. Rodelization is completely natural and eco-friendly, but the major drawback that associates this method is that it takes time to reap results, and sometimes would not even be useful. Waiting for the plant to react on its own can be stressful, and in some cases, the plant might not even do it.

Buying the Best Female Marijuana Seeds

The best female marijuana seeds are hard to find because of the very same difficulties of growing feminized marijuana. This challenge should be taken very carefully within Canada because there are several licensed producers and online dispensary owners who would say anything and everything to market their cannabis products. Settling for low-quality cannabis just because the seller claims it to be feminized cannabis is not wise. The only way to avoid making this mistake is to choose an online dispensary Canada that is reputed for selling female cannabis of the most exceptional quality. As the aroma and flavour are slightly more saturated in female cannabis than in male, it is better to always ask for female cannabis when you buy. As you are buying Cannabis online using a considerable amount of your money, it is always better to look for the best than settle for a lower.

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