Bite Size Caramel Sauce Sampler- 10mg THC


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Caramel Sauce Samplers


A little bite sized on the go snack. These Caramel Samplers are just the perfect size. 100% natural, lab tested potency! You can’t go wrong with these 10 mg THC dosed delectables. If you love these you will drool when you see our 300 mg jar of this very same goodness.


Flavour – Caramel

Number of doses – 2

Strength – 10 mg THC each

Dosage – Take one dose and wait one hour to assess if another is needed

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All products are made with natural ingredients, no chemicals, no preservatives.  Please keep in a cool dry place.  If desired use gentle heat to melt (such as soaking in hot water).  Do not microwave.

Contains 2 one teaspoon containers each contain 10mg of THC

First time users should start with 1 tsp. and wait an hour before deciding to take more.  Dosage is a personal fit!

Total THC content:  20 mg


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  1. Jna1985

    Soooooooo Yummy!

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