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Cherry Bomb is a strain bred truly for her medical abilities. Part of the Mr. Greengreen Hawaiian Cherry Bomb Sativa, and the California Cherry Bomb Indica, family of genetics this strain contains upwards of 22% THC. Where this strain thrives is in terms of her effects and potency. Since she falls right in the moderate potency category, patients are able to get the relief from that needed daytime smoke without feeling tired or lethargic. It starts off a little bit cerebral, then becomes more focused to slow down your body and allow it to relax the pains away. People use this strain for conditions such as debilitating/chronic pain, mood disorders, lack of energy, glaucoma, tiredness, or for just a fast pick me up. Dry eyes and dry mouth are all that keeps this strain from being perfect, but this is a common trait with most strains! It is perfect for those patients who are only looking to get slightly medicated, or to start the day off right. She gets high ratings from fans of the fruity style strains. and we sure you will feel the same!


Bubble hash is different from traditional hash as it’s made from pure trichomes.  When traditional hash is fired up, the impurities in the resin will burn.  Our bubble hash is made from pure cannabis-trichome and the resin will bubble and melt like butter when fired up.

The basic principle is this: plant material (either dry or fresh-frozen generally) is mixed with cold water and ice, then agitated manually or mechanically in order to break off the now-brittle trichome heads. This solution is then filtered through specifically-sized screens to remove anything undesirable, leaving behind a relatively pure finished product

Lineage – North American Indica, Hawaiian

Flavours – Tropical, sweet

Effects  – Euphoric, happy, creative

Medical – Stress, headaches, pain




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