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Mendo Breath – You won’t see this strain on too many shelves! A super rare Indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic OG Kush Breath with the rare Mendo Montage strain. This hard to find flower brings on a perfect potency, with a THC level sitting around 19-20% on average. Dazzling full bodied effects comes on rather quickly after your first few puffs, filling your mind and body with a wonderful tingly effect. This quickly turns into a full on buzz, washing over you physically and pulling you down slowly into a heavy couch-locked body high. As you lead your body to a happy sedation, your mind will lift into a state of hazy euphoria that leaves you fully mellowed and pretty sleepy at times. Thanks to these insomnia destroying effects and her high THC level, Mendo Breath is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms or cramps, and chronic stress. All this with a sweet vanilla caramel candy flavor and a fresh earthy aroma to match. Catch this one before she flies off the shelf!


Bubble hash is different from traditional hash as it’s made from pure trichomes.  When traditional hash is fired up, the impurities in the resin will burn.  Our bubble hash is made from pure cannabis-trichome and the resin will bubble and melt like butter when fired up.

The basic principle is this: plant material (either dry or fresh-frozen generally) is mixed with cold water and ice, then agitated manually or mechanically in order to break off the now-brittle trichome heads. This solution is then filtered through specifically-sized screens to remove anything undesirable, leaving behind a relatively pure finished product

Lineage – OG Kush, Mendo Montage

Flavours – Earthy, vanilla, sweet

Effects  – Relaxed, sleepy, happy

Medical – Depression, stress insomnia




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