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Cannaisuer – Live Resin



Cannaisseur Live Resin

Live resin cannabis concentrate , is made using fresh cannabis. The harvested plants are frozen to a
sub-critical temperature throughout extraction process.

The extraction process utilizes BHO extraction maintaining low temperatures that cryogenically freeze the fresh cannabis. The terpene levels of live resin exceed those of cured resin extracts. The enhanced
flavor, smell, and high produced by the live resin’s cannabinoids and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) make it
a popular choice for cannabis connoisseurs. Cannaisseur Live Resin is made from AAAA quality flower
and a little goes a long way!

*Each item contains 1 gram.

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Because it is a concentrate, Cannaisseur Live Resin does require a device to fully experience the product
to its highest potential. Oil rigs (dab rigs) are a popular means of using many marijuana concentrates–
including Live Resin.


Store live resin in a cool, dry place.




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