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Disposable – Strawberry HTFSE


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Strawberry HTFSE

This Diamond Concentrates disposable pen contains 1000mg of strawberry flavoured high-terpene full spectrum extract THC distillate. The distillate is derived from organic Northern Lights flower, which is a pure indica strain. No solvents are used in production to derive the THC distillate – making the whole process as natural as possible. On top of that, this pen is also rechargeable and therefore will never run out of battery before it’s fully consumed!

  • Solvent Free
  • Organic Base
  • Disposable
  • Rechargeable – Twist the gold plate at the bottom of the pen to access charge port. USB cord for charging not included.


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Diamond Concentrates is a homegrown extract company providing us with products sourced from the best flower from the best growers in BC.  Diamond Concentrates ensures their extracts embody the concept of fire in, fire out.  These pens are solventless and are infused with natural terpenes and flavour!

Each pen has 1 gram (1,000mg) of HTFSE

What is HTFSE?

HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract) preserves all fo the molecules locked in every trichrome for a more complete cannabinoid and terpene extract.  HTFSE is the latest and greatest in extraction technology.  Using low boiling point and below freezing temperatures.  The terpenes come out as a very flavourful sauce.  High in flavour and high in THC content, so be ready for this pen to pack a punch!





Diamond Concentrates

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Pre-Filled Pen, Vape Oil



3 reviews for Disposable – Strawberry HTFSE

  1. Rottielover

    Tasty nice high

  2. Migs019

    I’ve done a bunch of vape brands and diamond is my new favourite. Tastes like a nice bud and no chemical taste like some other brands. I find it dies once in the life cycle but charging with mini USB was easier than using the clunky coil to USB chargers… anyway. It’s good.

  3. Julien Desormeaux

    Good taste. Love diamond and ive tried all flavours available from this site. Although a great flavor and feel the extra $20 isnt worth the difference from the $45 pens. Good to try once though!

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