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Helse Botanicals, THC capsules are made using only the highest grade ingredients. We start with THC Distillate and MCT oil derived from organic coconuts, combined inside a vegetarian gel cap that makes dosing easy and convenient.   These capsules provide the benefits of THC.  Used to provide relief from inflammation and pain, and other symptoms caused by ailments such as anxiety, depression, glaucoma, asthma, liver disease, cancer, and auto immune diseases. 20mg or 40mg CBD per capsule, 30 capsules per bottle



Helse Botanicals

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  1. JJ Stuffs

    Bought the 50mg. I’ve always had a high tolerance for edibles, I’ve eaten 50mg before no problem. Distillate has a different reaction for me. So very very high, crazy body buzz, lasted for over 5 hours and passed tf out. Fantastic sleep. Very clean high however I will not be using the 50mg ones. I highly recommend these pills, don’t start with the 50mgs try the lower doses, this is not like eating edibles.

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