Indica Sampler Pack

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Can’t make up your mind, well now you don’t have to with our Sampler Packs.  You can purchase 7 different strains with our Indica, and Sativa Sampler packs.  Available with 1 gram of each for a quarter or 2 grams of each for a half oz.

Indica Sampler Pack

  • BC Kush $9/Gr
  • Gorilla Glue #4 $8/Gr
  • Purple Kush $9/Gr
  • Sour Pink $8/Gr
  • Blue Nuken $10/Gr
  • Dutch Kush$10/Gr
  • Pink Gas $10/Gr

Total for 7Gr is $64, package price is only $57

Total for 14Gr is $128, package price is $112



Contains 7 Indica/Indica Dominant Hybrid strains




Additional information

Weight 1.00 g

1 Gr, 3.5 Gr, 7 Gr, 14 Gr, 28 Gr


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