Lebanese Style Hash

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This Lebanese style hash is an amazing product straight out of BC!  This hash is crafted the same way they do it in Lebanon.   The hash will leave you relaxed. It provides a general sense of well being and can make you feeling a little sleepy. The combination of effects makes it perfect for pain relief and to combat nausea.

This Lebanese style hash is also known to heighten your senses. Try it when you’re looking forward to trying new foods or enjoying music as it’ll increase your appreciation!   It is processed following the cultural methods and standards of one of the finest global hash producers. Therefore, you have the peace of mind knowing its high-quality and authentic every time you smoke!

This hash has a reddish brown hue because it spends a longer time curing. This means you get smooth, undeniable flavor and a lighter smoke!  Lebanese Style Hash is known for its earthy tones and pine-like flavors.



Lebanese Style Hash

The benefits of CBD and THC use are endless, but many users wonder what the difference is in products. One of the main benefits of hashish is that you get higher amounts of THC. You also get the added benefits of potency, ease of dosage, and alternative methods of consumption.

While many users still choose to smoke hash, it isn’t the only way to unlock the benefits of the product. Hash can be vaporized in tiny amounts if you don’t want to smoke a blunt, for example. You get the same, sometimes better, results without having to smoke.


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5 reviews for Lebanese Style Hash

  1. Spyman519

    Amazing hashish, guaranteed to get even the mightiest stoners turbo’d. Highly recommend this for all walks of life.

  2. nsbrookie

    This is the bomb has that great hash taste and body buzz we all love as hash lovers. Great quality for the price .

  3. slimthug

    My girlfriend love this hash, for sure one of the best!

  4. slimthug

    Excellent Hash for the price!

  5. Ralph Walker

    One of the best in the hash world! Burns great and tastes amazing. Must try

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