Pink Lady – Greenhouse Grown

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Her name may be Pink Lady but after a few puffs off this one you’ll agree she isn’t much of a lady, more of a let loose and enjoy life kinda girl, just the way it should be! As an Indica dominant hybrid she induces a deep relaxation in the body and mind that soothes your stresses and anxieties from the day. As this sense of relaxation sets in it becomes very obvious that there is some grumbling going on in the stomach. Yep that would be her! For those suffering from loss of appetite, nausea or depression this strain is right up your alley!


Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 16- 20%

Greenhouse Grown

Kootenay Fire Greenhouses
As Canada’s premier hotspot for some of the best Cannabis in the world, the growers from Kootenay Fire have lived up to the hype. All strains grown from here are grown organically in greenhouses with nothing but B.C mountain water and natural sunshine. This leaves us with TopShelf quality greenhouse strains that won’t break the bank. Get your Kootenay Fire!


Kootenay Fire

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9 reviews for Pink Lady – Greenhouse Grown

  1. lostsoul

    very pleased with this one, smell good, taste great, no couch lock the buzz is just perfect for daytime, for the price you cant go wrong ! thanks TSE!

  2. SavageSavant

    The bud has a nice sparkle thanks to its crystals, the high has a mellow vibe with increased awareness, although the flavor was diesel/lemon and I didn’t enjoy the taste

  3. Gem

    Pretty hard hitting balanced hybrid! Well worth the price..

  4. Kirsten

    Very happy with this considering how cheap it is! It is very good and smooth

  5. Lee harty

    Big weed but don’t burn good.i will by more

  6. Brian Newton

    This strain does not “make my short list” but that’s not to say the same for you.

  7. BComeau

    Found it had lots of stems and overall burn was not great. Taste not great, buzz ok

  8. duky21

    Agreed buzz lasted limited time but for the price can’t go wrong!

  9. Saraclubb

    Loving the productive, creative euphoria! For the price I’m very happy.

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