Purple Kush

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This has to be one of the most famous of the Kush strains worldwide. For good reason too! As a pure Indica she brings on a state of bliss that just can’t be compared to the other strains of Kush. The ultimate relaxing strain, her effects can last for hours and melt away aches, pains and spasms. Due to her relaxing qualities she has proven time and time again to eliminate insomnia. Stress, anxiety and worries of the day seemingly disappear.  With a pungent, sweet earthy flavour it’s not hard to see why she has quickly become a fan favourite!





THC: 22%

Lineage – Hindu Kush, Purple Afghani

Flavours – Earthy, sweet, berry

Effects  – Relaxed, sleepy, happy, euphoric

Medical – Stress, insomnia, pain, depression


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14 reviews for Purple Kush

  1. andrewmigs93

    Prefect nugs, great taste, and excellent price. 10/10

  2. sean annett

    good price

  3. Spyman519

    Some great PK, don’t let the non-freezer burn fool you. This is the real deal, with a real potent buzz my dudes.

  4. SavageSavant

    A classic, buds look great, smell is fruity and pleasant. Puts me right to sleep, so it makes for a great nightcap.

  5. Kirsten

    Amazing! So smooth and well worth the money

  6. gayathiest

    So smooth. My favourite have the chips ready because couch lock will occur

  7. Lee harty

    The best weed I ever smoked

  8. duky21


  9. nonnie_rene

    You just can’t go wrong with Kush, period, and this one is no different. Great smell and taste, and baby, it is smooth.

  10. JaysonAce1995

    Amazing bud, works wonders on my anxiety and depression!

  11. BComeau

    Bought because of price point.
    10/10 price
    7/10 look
    6/10 taste

  12. Slayer0420

    🙁 Not a great price for popcorn buds,
    🙁 Harsh taste
    🙂 Excellent pain relief
    🙂 Excellent anxiety relief
    🙂 Excellent depression relief

  13. BrandyLL

    Nice relaxing buzz great taste 🙂

  14. Danisaur93

    Not bad taste, can really taste the sweetness to it, but high wasn’t the best for a everyday smoker.

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