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Kief- SC Pink Kush


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Sunshine Coast Pink Kush – Kief
Spell it how you like, it doesn’t matter all that much because in the end the product is the same! Kief is collected from the trichomes of plants. They are gathered using a screening process to dry sift separate the trichomes from unwanted plant matter. This process allows much of the terpene profiles to stay with the end product. Giving a very tasty and potent high to whoever indulges in this concentrate. Sunshine Coast Pink Kush Kief is particularly effective for pain relief, insomnia, stress, headaches, depression and loss of appetite.
Top your bowl off, roll a joint or if you are feeling ambitious press it into rosin!
  • 1 Gr – $20

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Lineage – OG Kush, Unknown

Flavours – Berry, Candy, Sweet, Vanilla

Effects  – Relaxed, body high, happy, hungry, euphoric

Medical – Insomnia, chronic pain, stress, depression, loss of appetite



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