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Sour Diesel Cartridge



Sour Diesel (CO2 Oil) – Few if any strains are currently as popular as Sour Diesel. She made waves real quickly in the cannabis world, word of her greatness quickly spread and so has the demand for this strain. A pungent diesel nose she gives off gives clue to her name, what a strong flavour! Legendary for removing stress and pain se will leave you happy, energetic and ready to take on whatever tasks lie ahead. Dating back to the early 90’s she has been around for quite some time and we don’t see her going anywhere in the future. Not with this kind of popularity!



REMEMBER: always begin inhaling BEFORE pressing the button on the battery and releasing the button before you finish exhaling.

Cartridges can be recycled in the blue bin.

Out of stock


Note: These refills will fit ALL pens we carry on our site

Enjoy your medicine responsibly!


Shatter Master

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Pre-Filled Pen, Vape Oil


300mg, 500mg


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